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i-Regist is a Web-based Registration Management System, The general users or members can be use one stop service for registration.  Administrator can add unlimited projects/events and manage based data such as Member Type, Rate, Service Charge, Room, Places etc.  The system can install within your website (Joomla, WordPress or Drupal).

Features for Admin 


Features for Member or General Users

 - Apply

-  Edit profile

-  Print the invoice

-  Change password

-  Forgot password

-  Member card

- Pre-Registration

- Walk-in Registration

- Ticket (Send via SMS or Email, Capture Screen to Gallery of the SMART Phone, Append to Google Carlendar)

- Upload pay-in slip or Credit Card and Print the invoice

- Group Registration by using excel loader

- Check-in by Event

- Scan QR Code or Say Check-in (Voice Command)

- Lucky Draw (Maximum 50 rewards per one random, Sending SMS to Lucky Persons)

- Query registration history

- Payment confirmation

- Edit name and address for printing their receipt

- Print registration details (with QR Code)

- Bank Transfer

- PromptPay

- Credit Card


Youtube Channel : i-Regist By IGENCO


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